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These are the newly found shell extensions. In a few days we'll integrate them into the Shell Extension City database. Meanwhile, you get the first look.

(Software Developers, See This Note)


DECEMBER 10, 1999

ENVIRONMENT VIEWER..........Environment viewer shows all variables that are set in the environment block of the operating system. These variables are the conditions and mandates set at start-up in the configuration files, which are globally available to all applications .....(free).....GO THERE!

SHARE INFO..........With this program you can view passwords for the local shared drives.....(free).....GO THERE!

BOOT CHOOSER.......... If you have multiple versions of Windows (2000, NT, or 9x) installed for dual-boot and switch between them regularly, you'll find Boot ChoOSer a must-have. It sits on your taskbar notification area, next to the clock (although it also works with versions of Windows NT lacking a taskbar) and allows you to switch between all installed operating systems with a right click. Without Boot ChoOSer, switching between operating systems requires being present -- and paying attention -- as your computer reboots, so that you can select the correct OS from the boot menu. Set the delay too low, and you might miss it; set it higher, and your computer takes longer to boot. And if you're using an operating system that was not the default at boot time, a computer restart will boot back into the default operating system, which can wreak havoc with installation programs and Windows NT's crash-recovery features. Boot ChoOSer runs under any version of Windows 2000, NT or 9x. It will not run under Windows 3.x, as it is a 32-bit program.....(free).....GO THERE!

BACKFLIP..........Another service which suffers from an excess of hype, but which nevertheless looks useful. According to the developers, "With the click of a button, Backflip instantly saves any Web page you want into Yahoo-style folders. Backflip does the work of organizing for you! There's no limit to how many pages or how often. With Backflip, you can search for any word or phrase you want on the pages you've saved. And only those pages. You get your personal view of the Web".....(free).....GO THERE!

DECEMBER 9, 1999

V2OS..........The V2 operating system. You can try it out without uninstalling Windows or your other current OS. You simply run the 32 kb OS from a floppy. According to the developers, "The V2_OS is a brand new Operating System developed by the techies at the V2_Lab (International lab for the unstable media) in Rotterdam. V2_OS offers more speed, expandability, and hardware control for adventurous projects than any other operating system. V2_OS is the fastest Operating System available for the 386+ PC ! Everything in this system is focused on speed: the architecture, the filesystem, it's avoidance of virtualization, everything. And of course, the choice of development language: The V2_OS is written in 100% pure 32Bit Assembler. Because of its clear, modular architecture, V2 has become a great development platform. The functionality of all 'parts' of the system can easily be accessed from your applications and if you miss a part, it's very easy to add it. That's the idea behind the architecture of the V2_OS. Everything can be connected, and everything is replaceable. We invite everyone to take a test-drive, and start using the OS as a development platform for your applications or for educational purposes. The use of the system is completely free, all we hope is that you post the programs, modules and servers you have created back to us, so it can be shared with the rest of the world." No additional software is yet available for V@ (as of 12/8/99), but the developers say they've already received indications that plenty is on the way......(free).....GO THERE!

GRAPHITE.......... A new themable, script-driven, Windows shell by Mian of This is not for beginners. As the developer says, "Please be aware that graphite is still beta, so everything is still being actively worked on, may contain bugs and may not be complete, although it is in working state enough to be used and themed. We realize that the theme method isn't designed for joe user, it's designed for power. You can control how the shell acts as well as looks. Our aim is to get the themes to a state where they don't have to be hand touched at all. Everything can be designed resolution independant, path independant and will provide a config mechanism for such things as the menus and program paths. The scripting engines used are all very common so there are already alot of existing information on them, and we have also implemented custom objects relating to the shell that trigger events and allow you to create graphical elements etc. If you're thinking using JScript means it will be slow and a resource hog, try it and see for yourself".....(free).....GO THERE!

UNDOCUMENTED WINDOWS 95..........Have you ever struggled to implement some- thing on Windows 95, convinced that there must be an easier way, but found nothing in the documentation that was of any help? Well, this site is devoted to documenting the undocumented, and then passing it along to us. Applies to NT4 as well. Indexed by in a number of ways, including by function....(free).....GO THERE!

EASY MENU.......... EasyMenu puts an icon in the system tray that allows you to launch your favorite programs, files and folders. If you right-click on the icon, a popup menu will appear with items that you added. .....(free).....GO THERE!

DECEMBER 8, 1999

SET SOUND..........SetSound lets you browse through sound files (in .wav format) and then associate them with Windows events, instead of the old Sounds control panel which lets you browse through events and then associate sound files with them. Maybe not a huge change, but I find the Sounds control panel inconvenient, especially if I've just downloaded some new sound file and quickly want to make it my mail sound .....(free).....GO THERE!

DIRECT X KICKER..........The DirectX Kicker unloads the DirectX Helper app and all related DLL's from memory. This is useful if you want to change DirectX-related settings (graphics, sound) when switching from one app to another (e.g. games that require different levels of gamma correction or hardware acceleration etc.) .....(free).....GO THERE!

FATHOM..........Themes, skins, and wallpapers by Fathom. See if you like his eye candy.....(free).....GO THERE!

UNNAMED 3D SHELL..........Mr. Jukes says "This is my 3D shell that I have been working on for a while now. It uses Direct3D and is pretty quick if you have a nice video card. I am still looking for a name for the shell, so if you think of one email me".....(free).....GO THERE!

DECEMBER 7, 1999

SIMONA..........Simona is a Windows Start Menu replacer. Yep, it's been done before; you've got NextSTART, GeoShell, SharpOS, and loads of others. Well, now you've got another one. Before you dismiss it though, check out these natty features: Task list - Any running task (including some that try to hide themselves from you) appear in this list and you can swap to it by simply clicking on its button. Standard S:Sense window - This means you can drag it, make it stay on top, and roll it up so it doesn't take up as much space. Windows interaction - You can disable the Windows Start Menu, hide the desktop icons and make Simona launch on startup. LCD Panel - Displays the current time and date (click it to toggle between them). The time is displayed in traditional 12 hour format, the date is displayed in your preferred short date format. Filesystem menu - Clicking on the innocent-looking arrow to the right of the LCD panel gives you access to your entire filesystem - not just shortcuts in a folder. Simona looks at your S:Sense home folder for links to what you want to view. These SymLinks are simple text files that can point to a file or directory anywhere on a hard-disk, CD-ROM, network drive, etc. The defaults are documents, which points to the 'my documents' folder, apps, which points to the 'program files' folder, boot, preferences and home which point to S:Sense folders created during installation if they don't already exist......(free--pre-release version).....GO THERE!

PORTABLE EXECUTABLE ICON EXTENSION.......... This little DLL will extend the property sheets of *.DLL and *.EXE in the Windows namespace. If a DLL or EXE has icon resources, a new tab will appear in its properties allowing the user to browse through the icons .....(free).....GO THERE!

SHINTER..........One of the best web designs I've seen. Also he's got backgrounds for your machine. You must go there....(free).....GO THERE!

THUMBNAIL SWITCHER.......... The Windows Explorer can display documents and images as thumbnail or preview, when folders are viewed in webstyle. Depending on the size of the previewed file, this enhancement uses much time and system resources. With Thumbnail switcher you can enable and disable this feature for every filetype separately.....(free).....GO THERE!

TASK KILLER..........TaskKiller is used for ending tasks that are not visible in the tasklist of Windows which appears when the keys CTRL+ALT+DEL are pressed. The user can end a task by selecting one from a listbox and then pressing the "Kill" button .....(free).....GO THERE!



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